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#Deos — Invent a new deodorizing solution!

We have a series of four contests coming up on the topic of deodorants, but broader than that. The four contests will be launched one after another and they are all on distinct themes.

What if we were able to override nature from within, combatting its effects using our own bodily processes? Is there a way to control how much sweat we produce in the first place rather than masking its effects? What if we could restore our underarm skin back to the way it was when we were young, before we started shaving, plucking and waxing?

What if deodorants could help us cope with the stresses and strains of hectic urban life or help us manage our personal and environmental resources more effectively?

What if deodorizing solutions could be customizable or responsive to certain triggers?

The way deodorant is delivered has not changed much for ages. A can with a spray button or a stick, or a roll-on… nothing new under the sun! What if deodorants followed new trends such as technology, convergence or local solutions?

Be innovative and surprise us! The winners will be picked from among the most creative ideas.