Re-enchant in-store shopping Concours Terminé
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Re-enchant in-store shopping to make it a delightful experience

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Concours terminé le 30 octobre 2016
Illustration - Ecriture Créative

Retail shopping is a regular and recurring activity in people’s lives. We all have personal experiences shopping for and buying products – everything from clothing to electronics– both in-store and online.

The nature of retail shopping has changed over the years, from small, local stores serving a single community, to large superstores with locations that span countries and the world, and now with online-only retailers that sell exclusively via the internet. Despite having more choices than ever when shopping, negative experiences are still common; anything from long checkout lines, to not being able to find a product, or a poor interaction with a sales assistant. Many shoppers are less satisfied with retail shopping today despite more information and more buying options than ever.

These frustrations and pain points suggest that there is no perfect solution today, and retailers have room for improvement to better meet shoppers’ needs. Retailers in the US are trying to solve these problems and re-invent the shopping experience to better meet consumers’ needs. This is where we need you!

Can you help imagine the ideal retail shopping experience through enhancing and improving the in-store shopping experience?

Format : Visual element with text. Maximum of two pages.