Name for Alcohol-free drink Concours Terminé

Invent a global name for alcohol free drink that can go all the way to the top!

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Concours terminé le 8 juin 2017
Graphisme - Ecriture Créative

One of the world’s leading breweries has developed a new drink. We call it a Soft Brew. It is a drink brewed with barley and hops, lightly sparkling and has a twist of a fruit juice added to it. It contains no alcohol and is purely natural.

We want to make a global brand name that covers this new drink. It is delicious, with character, refreshing and of high quality. We will brew several taste variations with lemon juice, grapefruit juice, apple, elderflower juice etc. 

Invent a name and a logo for the  brand new brewed soft drink that will go all the way to the top! 

Format: 1 page with name, logo and text description, PDF based on the template.