Downy/Lenor: WOW scent moments il reste 14 jours
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Illustrate WOW scent experiences!

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il reste 14 jours
Graphisme - Illustration

Many of us underestimate the role scent plays in our day-to-day life. Without scents, our life would be much less enthralling. Smells shape our mood, behavior, build experiences and our identity. And, of course, the more pleasant they are, the better!

Some of us are more driven by scents then others.

To delight these Scent Lovers, Downy/Lenor – the market leader in fabric conditioners - created its Premium Conditioner line with a sophisticated, delightfully fresh and rounded scent that lasts a surprisingly long time.

Can you help Downy/ Lenor show this to Scent Lovers that Downy/Lenor scent is the best scent ever?

With a unique and eye-catching poster visualize a Downy WOW scent experience that changes Scent Lovers’ life for the better. 

Format: Poster with text. 2 pages in PDF

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