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Create the ultimate integrated wireless device to supercharge your family’s living experiences at home

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Concours terminé le 29 août 2018
Graphisme - Illustration - Ecriture Créative

In today’s modern tech-savvy families, social media consumption, streaming or downloading entertainment, on-line shopping, gaming and even home security are common place functions of electronic devices within the home. There are smartphones, smart TVs and even smart refrigerators.

Today, these various lifestyle experiences require wireless connectivity which are provided by routers, modems and set top boxes. It seems these important devices have not evolved for decades and only provide conventional, functional and expected features. Modems & routers typically live near or behind the TV in an attempt to hide tangled wires, unsightly antennas and their generally dull designs.

With the upcoming 5G network giving ultra-fast and ultra-reliable wireless home network we want your help to create, re-define and design the ultimate integrated wireless devices - an attractive and ground-breaking multi-purpose device. 

Invent an attractive and truly unique ground-breaking integrated electronic device for the home that will supercharge family life experiences.

Format: Visual Design and questions - Download Presentation Template Here