MUST HAVE Mascara Concepts Concours Terminé
eÿeka Express

Delight beauty enthusiasts with an arresting new Mascara concept!

2 500 €
Concours terminé le 23 juillet 2019
Graphisme - Ecriture Créative

Mascara is one of the most popular cosmetic product forms and there is a great variety of brands for beauty enthusiasts to choose from. In their quest to perfect their made-up appearance, beauty enthusiasts constantly look for latest and greatest cosmetics, tools and techniques. In any given year, most Beauty Enthusiasts will try many new products and multiple brands, making it very challenging for beauty brands to stand out and keep the Beauty enthusiast consumers loyal.

Milani is an international beauty brand that makes prestige formulas accessible to the many. They offer true high-end products at an affordable value price around the world. They need your creative help to totally transform Mascara to inspire & delight beauty enthusiasts and make it the next MUST HAVE beauty product.

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