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Imagine a healthy, relevant and comfortable feeding experience for Urban X-small Dogs

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Concours terminé le 16 octobre 2019
Illustration - Ecriture Créative

X-small dog owners have a very close relationship with their dog. Their little companion often takes part in the busy lifestyle they have in big urban cities. Even though they consider their dog as a family member, they don’t want to compromise on their lifestyle (e.g. having a social life, being in a rush, living in a limited space). Pet owners of X-small dogs are characterized by a more intimate relationship as they are geographically (more portable), physically and emotionally closer to the dog.

Food is a way for them to show how much they care about their dog and a way to create a bonding moment with their X-small dog. However, they can be finicky (picky and hard to please) when it comes to food, which makes it hard to feed them their main meals. As a result, the dog owner often feeds the dog food that is tasty and pleasant, but not necessarily healthy.

Royal Canin’s mission and expertise is to deliver a wide range of nutritional products that cater to every pet’s needs to transform every individual cat and dog into the magnificent animal it has the potential to be. The brand knows the world of cats and dogs is more diverse than people realize, and as a science-based brand, they do not want to mimic human behavior among pets.

Today, there is a need for healthy and convenient food solutions for urban x-small dogs that also transform a regular feeding experience into an emotional bonding moment. Royal Canin needs your creativity to imagine what it could be, can you help?

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