Vicks Inhaler for a new generation! Concours Terminé

Design a truly innovative Vicks inhaler device that genuinely offers younger adults such a delightful and new user experience that it becomes an essential element in their regular wellness regimen!

5 000 €
Concours terminé le 17 mai 2020
Ecriture Créative - Design d'Emballage & Etiquette

Vicks, trusted by generations throughout the 20th Century, to help relieve the discomfort and symptoms of nasal congestion in times of cold and flu. Vicks Inhaler – the mist of menthol solution, that unmistakable aroma indicating that better moments would soon be here – remains essentially unchanged for almost 80 years.

Vicks Inhaler clearly needs to innovate and attract a new generation of users with a modern functional and aesthetic design that will make it the must have device for relieving nasal congestion, whenever and wherever it strikes. Can you help?

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