Gillette Superiority Concours Terminé
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Show men it’s worth choosing a Gillette razor!

2 500 €
Concours terminé le 25 novembre 2020
Illustration - Ecriture Créative

For 120 years, Gillette has delivered precision technology and unrivalled product performance. Their razors are used by over 800 million men around the world – and you might be one of them. Over this time, Gillette has developed a wide variety of products including a range of different razors to suit every consumer at every price point.

Alongside the other famous traditional competition brands and private label products, there are increasing amounts of competition across shavecare in Europe. Whether they are online or in-store, they all want to “shake” the shaver’s category by bringing something new to the traditional brands such as Gillette. The main change is they approach consumers differently: presenting a simpler offering with a focus on delivering a good shave and a cheaper solution. Even though products might be similar, people tend to favour those new brands as they feel they get better value out of them.

But there is much more beyond value than just the money you pay for your shavers. Most people can’t tell how much a shave is worth as they all have different habits and products. We need to change this perception, and for this, we need your help.

Gillette feels they should remind men, and especially the new generations, what makes the value of their products. We need your creativity to find new ways to communicate on its products and convince men that it is worth paying for a Gillette product.

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