Ice Cream Sharing Tub Innovation Concours Terminé

Come up with an innovative idea for ice cream tubs that create new moments of joy!

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Concours terminé le 14 juillet 2021
Illustration - Ecriture Créative

Ice cream is unlike any other food.  It can give us unique moments of happiness and joy, evoking nostalgic memories of our childhood and happy times spent with loved ones, as well as transporting us to a world of sophistication and indulgence. A world where taste, texture and variety brings any meal occasion to a deeply satisfying finish.  The ice cream tub, which is between 700 and 1000ml, has long been a household staple found in many freezers because it is uniquely designed to serve multiple people on multiple occasions.

But for some time now, sales of large ice cream tubs have been in decline.  This is because traditional meal occasions have become more fragmented meaning people eat after-dinner desserts less often, families are eating together less often and pint-sized carton formats (e.g. Ben & Jerry’s) have grown in popularity.

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted this long-term trend.  Increasingly, we find people are returning to traditional meal patterns, families are eating meals together more and people are bonding with family and friends (post-lockdown…) over food.  Unilever wants to take advantage of this recent change and launch new ice cream tub innovations that bring friends and families together in bonding and sharing moments.

Working within existing ice cream tub dimensions (a rectangular tub between 700ml and 1000ml), our client is looking for creative and disruptive product and pack design innovations that take inspiration from one of three bonding and sharing moments:

  1. Couple time – having a relaxed moment at home with a partner sharing food and drinks
  2. Positive vibes with kids – spending quality time at home, with kids
  3. Fun with friends – having a social moment with friends, and sharing something sweet to eat
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