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How can entertainment offer new & unique experiences that make you feel truly alive?

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Concours terminé le 16 septembre 2021
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Entertaining people is serious business! People face several challenges when searching for and enjoying entertainment.

Why is that?

(1) People need (some level of) structure and predictability. This, however, tends to make life a bit of a drag. In order to get out of that drag, people search for entertainment to make them ‘FEEL ALIVE’ in many different ways:

  • Entertainment that consciously makes them ‘feel alive’
  • Entertainment that introduces them to ‘new & unique experiences’. These can be big or small, e.g. bungee jumping or trying a unique tea.
  • Entertainment that makes them feel ‘slightly unsafe’. Looking for a kick, a shot of adrenaline, taking a risk,…
  • Entertainment that gives them a ‘thrill’.

(2) People struggle with enjoying entertainment to the fullest without getting distracted. Their attention is constantly divided, processing different kinds of information at the same time (e.g. Whatsapp messages, Instagram stories, incoming mails, TV series playing in the background, …). People want entertainment that grabs their ‘UNDIVIDED ATTENTION’:

  • Entertainment that ‘fully immerses’ them
  • Entertainment they can experience to ‘the fullest’
  • Entertainment that allows to forget reality for a moment

The company setting out this challenge, is a leading entertainment brand based in Europe who’s looking to reinforce its position in the entertainment market. They are in search of fresh & innovative ideas to entertain people.

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