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Let’s create an inventive helpful sleep product to solve restlessness at bedtime!

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Concours terminé le 6 janvier 2022
Graphisme - Illustration - Ecriture Créative - Design d'Emballage & Etiquette - Script et scénarios

You know how awful it is when you feel exhausted after a long day and all you want to do is enjoy a good night’s sleep. But once you get in bed you just toss and turn, without being able to fall asleep? And all the while knowing how awful you’ll feel the next morning!

There are always things to blame for bad sleep – stress at work, deadlines, traveling, blue screen activity before bedtime, or even a night shift or unusual work schedule, etc. Other factors that interfere with a good night’s sleep include mouth breathing   due to inability to breathe through nose, sound (noise, snoring), light, stuffy nose, drinking, coughing, etc.

The situation has even for worse for some in recent years as recent pandemics have forced people's lives to change. There are diversifying reasons for disturbed sleep due to changes in the living environment, especially when you look at the Japanese people where they have very long working hours, meaning they have only a short time in which to sleep time at night, causing them to seek ways to get better or more high-quality sleep.

A pharmaceutical company in Japan has developed and launched several products to help people on this matter such as "『Hanakokyu Tape』という名の口を閉じるテープ ", a product that focuses on correcting mouth breathing at bedtime, "ear loosening time『Mimihogu Time』という名の温め耳栓", a product that focuses on relaxation to correct poor sleep and many more innovative solutions.

And today, they want to explore other areas of sleep segments through this contest. 

Are you willing to help them create product ideas to help get rid of that  people’s sleep pains and worries?

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