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Make wine relevant, fun and exciting for a new generation!

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Concours terminé le 23 juin 2022
Illustration - Ecriture Créative

A celebration took place, but wine … wasn’t invited to the party!

Young adults are buying “into” wine at a slower rate than previous generations. Fewer and fewer young people all around the world are choosing to drink wine. This is especially true for young adults (18 – 25 years old), like Alex.

Alex is a 22-year-old Australian female who chooses to drink less wine and instead drinks other alcoholic drinks that are considered to be more relevant and exciting. Just like many other young adults, she thinks of wine as a drink for “old-school folks”. “It’s something I tried while having dinner with my parents,” she says. When she goes out with her friends, they prefer drinks that are more exciting, such as cocktails, beer, and mixed drinks that are good for sharing, easy to drink, lower in alcohol and calories, packaged in a convenient format, and have attractive flavors (e.g., mango, passionfruit).

Alex, like many young adults, says that she doesn’t drink wine more often because it lacks excitement. This lack of excitement is mainly driven by a feeling that wine is:

Not relevant to young adults:

“Wine feels very traditional,” Alex says. Wine and its communications speak to older people and traditional occasions like formal dinners. Wine doesn’t relate to young adults, their interests, passion, lifestyle & culture, such as music festivals, barbeques, house parties, playing sports, outdoor activities, and attending sporting events.

Furthermore, Alex and her friends feel that wine is not relevant and exciting because:

  1. Wine is not cool - they feel that wine is for older people. Her young adult friends don’t often drink wine at social events, so neither does she. Some of her friends say that they feel that they just haven’t ‘grown into’ wine yet.
  2. Wine is not fun - they enjoy preparing and mixing drinks because it allows them to be creative, but feel wine is restrictive because it can’t be mixed with other things, whereas cocktails or spirits can be mixed.
  3. Wine is not easy to understand and shop - they have little/low knowledge about wine. Alex says that they “don’t know where to start when it comes to choosing wine”. To them, wine is a drink that requires explaining in terms of how it should be consumed. They struggle to understand the flavor descriptions, and how to make ideal pairings with food and specific occasions. Because there are so many choices in wine and it is hard to differentiate one wine from the next, there is a risk you'll choose the ‘wrong’ one.
  4. Wine is not easy to drink - wine is often seen as a drink that has ‘rules’ attached to it. For example, when is the best time to drink a specific wine? How should it be served? It is also seen as a drink that is often too dry and for a more ‘mature/older' palate compared to other drinks, such as premixed RTD (ready-to-drink) beverages, seltzers and mixed spirits. These drinks have lower alcohol by volume and enticing flavors.
  5. Wine is not in a convenient format – most wines are still sold in 750ml glass bottles that are more difficult to carry, share, and store than other drinks, not designed for single-servings and expire once opened.
  6. Wine is not creative - wine does not provide the same sensory experience and level of fun compared to making cocktails. The more simple visual presentation of what wine looks like also means younger people are less likely to want to share their wine experiences on social media.
  7. Wine is not the healthiest option – many young adults are becoming more aware of package labels and know that wine often contains more calories compared to other drink options e.g., vodka soda-lime and seltzers.


The client is an international leader in the alcoholic beverage industry, selling over 240 brands across 160 countries worldwide, and they need you to give wine a makeover and change the way young adults think of wine!

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