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Début 18 avril 2012 Fin mercredi 23 mai 2012 23h59 UTC Délibération Résultats mars 2013
18 avril 2012
mercredi 23 mai 2012 23h59 UTC
août 2012


Résumé du concours

Partagez votre passion pour l'EURO 2012 !

Le football est l'une des passions mondiales. Ce sport nous fait rire, nous passionne, nous fait aimer, pleurer, prier et faire la fête !

Depuis 2000, Hyundai est un partenaire officiel de l'UEFA et cette année encore, Hyundai partagera sa passion pour le football en sponsorisant l'EURO 2012. Pour l'EURO 2012, Hyundai a recruté 5 célèbres footballeurs qui vont constituer “l'équipe Hyundai”. Nous les retrouverons sur nos écrans télé dans un nouveau spot publicitaire pour nous divertir et nous inspirer, juste avant le début des matchs…

Tout comme Hyundai, vivez la passion du football ! Partagez votre 'fan attitude' et celle de vos amis pour l'EURO 2012 ! Créez une vidéo/animation ou une photo/illustration pour nous montrer votre ferveur et la partager au public.

Format : vidéo ou animation de 45 sec maximum ; photo/illustration

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Gagnants Prix du Jury

Sélection de Hyundai

Catégorie Vidéo

RobinFrolet #1 Prix
RobinFrolet 59 440 Score Créatif
  • Vidéo
  • Animation

#1 Prix de 15 000 € pour INSTANT SOCCER

I love challenges! So a website like eYeka is the perfect place for me to create and show our works in a very fast way. I thought that it was very exciting to make a video with something that’s happening now and give very strong feelings to millions of fans. I had such a good time making it. To have the sequence I exactly wanted, I snatched my friend (an actor) out of his bed and made him run and he was so funny because he was totally exhausted! (he was partying the night before). I am very lucky to be living in a beautiful city (Paris), so I just had to walk next to my flat at Montmartre to find nice places to shoot. I am so, so happy to win the first prize. I’m going to make a lot of new videos with this prize money! Thank you so much! 


hyuk_lee #2 Prix
hyuk_lee 32 010 Score Créatif
  • Graphisme
  • Vidéo
  • Animation
Corée du Sud

#2 Prix de 9 000 € pour Return EURO 2012

Our team has just started to learn VFX. We were having really happy days during our VFX studies. One day, one of our team members suggested us to participate in a contest to see how many people will like or love our video, and we wanted to do something with our teamwork. We focused on the two host countries and the identity of EURO 2012. We wanted to show passion of soccer to people and raise their spirit and energy. When people watch our video, we hope they will get some really powerful energy and share it to the people around them. This is why we chose a retired soccer player who had critical injury as the main character. We were all surprised! Other creators’ media were really fantastic and have powerful messages. When we watched the other videos, we learned and realized that idea and story are the most important things, and technical skills is secondary. We now know people like dramatic reversal in videos anybody ever thought.

Masey #3 Prix
Masey 79 630 Score Créatif
  • Graphisme
  • Vidéo
  • Illustration
  • Ecriture Créative

#3 Prix de 6 000 € pour Are you already in game?

EURO 2012 football championship has taken place in my country and I had been waiting for the beginning of this “football festival” with a big impatience. As soon as the assignment “Share your passion for EURO 2012!” appeared on the eYeka, I right away desired to take part in this contest because I really had this passion! I am very glad to take my first win on eYeka and I truly believe that it will be an additional incentive for my creative inspiration!

Catégorie Design

Chandandesigner #1 Prix
Chandandesigner 283 980 Score Créatif
  • Graphisme
  • Illustration
  • Design d'Emballage & Etiquette

#1 Prix de 7 500 € pour Euro desire

My name is Chandan, I’m from India. I am working as Creative Head in a leading Advertising Agency named “GRASSHOPPERS”. My focus has always been in the area of creativity and I always love the creative process of making an advertisement.  I came to know about eYeka during the previous Hyundai  competition and was glad to receive the first prize in the design category. Since that occasion I presumed that eYeka is the best platform for creative people around the world. And that has inspired me to be involved with eYeka through its different contests like “Hyundai EURO 2012”.

The concept of my creative design (Euro Desire) is very simple. And it came to me on an idle day while day-dreaming of owning a brand new Hyundai i30. I thought it essential to convert my backyard/garage  presumably in to a football stadium for the new i30 which is going to be launched during the Euro Cup 2012. And so my slogan was “The Euro will arrive, and so will my drive”.

(Continue below, 3rd prize)


ndashh #2 Prix
ndashh 59 080 Score Créatif
  • Graphisme
  • Vidéo
  • Animation

#2 Prix de 5 000 € pour carrying passion

Hello! I found eYeka last year while reading about crowd source article on internet, i would say it was one of the best thing i found on internet. eYeka gives you opportunity to work for some of the best brands and companies around the world which is really cool. Participants from different countries make it more exciting and fun. website Functioning, moderators,everything are just amazing and hassle-free.

Why did i participate in this contest is because everything attached with this contest was so wonderful, football, prize money, brand, everything. Where i got my idea for my media?… well i remember my childhood where we used to paddled to the ground with our friends, 16 kids, 6 or more bicycle and one of them carrying a football. Finding a bunch of kids (friends) on bikes carrying their football (passion) with them all the time is not unusual in my country, and that’s where i got my inspiration from .:) And it seems like jury members liked the idea!!!

And i would like to say thanks to eYeka, Hyundai,and all the people who voted for me, and specially moderators who always come out of their way to accommodate you and help you out. Thank you.

Chandandesigner #3 Prix
Chandandesigner 283 980 Score Créatif
  • Graphisme
  • Illustration
  • Design d'Emballage & Etiquette

#3 Prix de 2 500 € pour No gravity no passion

(Continued from above, 1st prize)

As for ‘No Gravity No Passion, the concept is all about GRAVITY . The Gravity of the game attracts its lovers from all corners of the world as the Earth attracts everything through it’s gravitational power.

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