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Résumé du concours

Surprenez-nous avec la puissance de la chaleur ardente mélangée à la fraîcheur glacée.

Attention: Veuillez lire le brief dans sa totalité afin de bien comprendre le concours, ne vous contentez pas de lire le teaser.

Que se passerait-il si la chaleur ardente venait à rencontrer une sensation extrême de fraîcheur? Close Up Fire Freeze est un dentifrice qui vous procure une sensation de chaleur explosive et frissonnante comme vous n'en avez jamais vu auparavant. Pouvez-vous donner la vie et imager cette sensation?

Surprenez-nous avec votre propre interprétation de la manière dont la chaleur ardente et les sensations rafraîchissantes de Closeup Fire Freeze délivre une grande sensation de fraîcheur, si puissante que tout semble minime à côté.

FORMAT: Vidéo/animation de 60 s maximum

3 Gagnants 40 Contributeurs 45 Médias Acceptés 19 Pays 10 Langues

Close Up Unilever

The eYeka contest for Closeup Fire Freeze has resulted in some good creative content (created through engaging youth in co-creation of content for Closeup), showing how the combination of blazing warmth and cooling sensations from Closeup Fire Freeze delivers impactful cooling freshness in different manners. There have been some interesting thoughts on how the cooling and warming sensations work, and in other cases there has been a different take on the ultimate cooling that the product delivers.

Gagnants Prix du Jury

Sélection de Close Up

Mike_Galeck #1 Prix
Mike_Galeck 10 Score Créatif
  • Graphisme
  • Vidéo
  • Illustration
  • Animation
  • Ecriture Créative
  • Design d'Emballage & Etiquette
  • Photographie
  • Script et scénarios

#1 prix pour 10 000 €

I knew eYeka because I had a conversation with someone and recommended that I should try to make a commercial. I participate in contests in general because I saw it as an opportunity to make money by doing what I love. I saw this contest on November 5 at night, and ended on November 7, the day of my birthday. I had a hunch and decided to participate in the end.

I was so surprised when I found out I won! I was glad to win but did not expect to get the first prize. We are proud, and this has motivated me a lot for the next challenges.

My creation process usually starts by reading the brief thoroughly, and then I will think about situations in my life where I can add my personal touch in it. There's no free lunch in life. You have to be consistent and struggle to get what you want, and moments like these are what make it worth the sacrifice.

I usually work alone, but in this case, I got some help from my girlfriend, with whom I share this success. I love Nika :D

This award has changed my year, and has motivated me to keep on improving. My congratulations to the other winners, hope to see you again

The music is fast beat while the guy is brushing his teeth and the ice frosting in the room makes viewers wonder what's going to happen next. The entry was able to effectively tell the story without the use of spoken words. Also, there is an element of drama in this film and the use of the “cat” to show surprise is a good visual tactic.

Close Up
rom1s #2 Prix
rom1s 0 Score Créatif
  • Vidéo

#2 prix pour 6 000 €

I have known Eyeka on the web and it's my third contest. I participated to a Wonderbox contest and I won a box. I participate in contests when I have an idea after reading the brief.

When I found out I won, I was abroad for my work and I thought it was a very good news to begin the year. I get inspiration from movies, commercials and videos on web. The prize is going to allow me to make other videos and to organize a big party with my actors!

This is a witty film, demonstrating cooling icy sensation in the mouth (through the use of ice) and warming using the hair dryer.

Close Up
final3 #3 Prix
final3 0 Score Créatif
  • Animation

#3 prix pour 2 000 €

Actually I had some other interesting ideas for this contest, but I was too busy with my work at that time. When I've finished my own work, there was only 2 days left for the contest. I really wanted to participate, so I decided to make a simple animation. I came up with this idea when I was brushing my teeth and I feel really lucky that I won the 3rd prize. Thank you very much, eYeka.

This video is simple yet effective in showing the warming and cooling sensation in a surprisingly interesting manner.

Close Up

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