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Help Bunta powder sachets stand out!

Powdered beverages are very popular among kids and their parents. They come in small individual sachets that you can find in any grocery store or street stall. Available in different flavors, they are often bought by kids on their way back to school and consumed at home. Mothers are the ones who buy more than just one sachet, when they do their shopping.

Bunta (an imaginary brand we’ve made up) offers powder juicy beverage. They are sold at grocery stores,attached together in a string and hung from poles. Sometimes they are also sold in a random box, at the counter. Not nice, not fun, not cool. Bunta wants to create a terrific display box in order to make the powder sachets attractive and have people to notice them.

Create an original and visually striking carton display box for the sachets of Bunta’s powdered beverage.

FORMAT: Print (designs, illustrations...) with explanations.

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narx #1 Prix
narx 0 Score Créatif
  • Graphisme
  • Animation

#1 prix pour 3 000 €

I am surprised to have won this contest, I'm never satisfied with my work

This award was a great motivation, Thank you eYeka for this opportunity

Mrno #2 Prix
Mrno 110 Score Créatif
  • Graphisme
  • Illustration
  • Design d'Emballage & Etiquette

#2 prix pour 1 500 €

It's so great for me to get an email from Eyeka every time! Thanks again for the prize.

You really give me a lot of encouragement! Reading books about package in the library gave me the inspiration for Bunta .Thanks Eyeka and the brand again

Best wish

eM_aR23 #3 Prix
eM_aR23 30 Score Créatif
  • Graphisme
  • Vidéo
  • Illustration
  • Ecriture Créative
  • Design d'Emballage & Etiquette

#3 prix pour 500 €

It was a Heart whelming to know that the Jury appreciated my artwork/Concept and I'm very glad to be part of it. Winning this prize is very big help to me because as a fresh grad, I never thought that I could compete to the random artist in the world and so this adds more self-esteem in me and gives me inspiration to pursue on participating at Eyeka. Thank you very much Eyeka!

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