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Shake up Hot Nuts’ peanuts packaging for teens!

Put yourself in the shoes of a teenager (15-18 years old) and create an inventive and trendy packaging idea for the brand Hot Nuts and its three peanuts products.

Pictures, illustrations, sketches with explanations.

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Gagnants Prix du Jury

Sélection de Hot Nuts

carlos_takemoto #1 Prix
carlos_takemoto 230 150 Score Créatif
  • Graphisme
  • Vidéo
  • Illustration
  • Animation
  • Ecriture Créative
  • Design d'Emballage & Etiquette

#1 prix pour 4 000 €

Carlos, we loved the industrial design as well as the graphic design. This packaging allows us to take the brand to the next level strengthening our positioning but also being very visible. Thank you very much for your talent!

loukmanli #2 Prix
loukmanli 0 Score Créatif
  • Graphisme
  • Vidéo
  • Illustration
  • Animation
  • Design d'Emballage & Etiquette

#2 prix pour 2 000 €

Loukmanli we found your industrial design unique and very suited for on the go consumption as well as in gatherings. Your graphic design is also very strong. Your overall proposal helps to evolution. Thank you very much for your talent!

alexander-666 #3 Prix
alexander-666 0 Score Créatif
  • Graphisme
  • Illustration
  • Design d'Emballage & Etiquette

#3 prix pour 900 €

Alexander, your graphic design is fantastic! We would love to see our Hot Nuts in the package you propose.

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