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Convince people that Downy/Lenor liquid fabric conditioner can help seasonal allergy sufferers enjoy more out of life!

Début 22 mai 2015 Fin dimanche 07 juin 2015 23h59 UTC Délibération Résultats juillet 2015
22 mai 2015
dimanche 07 juin 2015 23h59 UTC
juillet 2015


Is your nose itching, your eyes tearing and are you sneezing more often these days? If you’re living in a temperate climate like Europe or the US it’s probably due to the arrival of Spring. Spring is the time of the year when allergy sufferers will do everything they can to prevent outdoor allergens (like pollen) from coming into their house.

Typically, allergens stick to clothes and are brought into the house. Dusting, vacuuming and changing air filters can help get rid of allergens. But despite everything people do to protect against allergens, allergy sufferers still feel there are millions of them following them all the time.

Fortunately, there is another way to protect the family against allergens- and not many people know about it! It’s Downy/Lenor liquid fabric conditioner. The way it works is very simple: Downy/Lenor coats fabric fibers and creates a layer of protection that actually helps repel allergens from clothes.

We need your help to bring this to life, letting allergy sufferers know, and encouraging them to try Downy/Lenor.

Défi Créatif

Make Downy/Lenor the must-have for allergy sufferers with a visual ad that shows that this liquid fabric conditioner can easily repel allergens from clothes.

We ask you to find a creative way to visually express the fact that Downy/Lenor is essential for allergy sufferers because it helps repel 60% of seasonal allergens from clothes, and it’s as simple to use as ABC.

The audience includes people & families who suffer from seasonal allergies and who do not use liquid fabric conditioners, in part, because they believe they aggravate allergies.

They know allergies are tough, and that they can ruin a kids sporting event or a family outdoor outing. But, they refuse to let allergies get in the way of thoroughly enjoying Springtime. Yet they have not found the ultimate solution. Downy/Lenor will change their life! Let them know Downy/Lenor is an important part of the solution to managing their seasonal allergies or the seasonal allergies of those they love!

Your work will inspire creative agencies to develop ads for the US market.



Les exemples suivants sont uniquement destinés à illustrer nos attentes. Ne les utilisez pas, auquel cas votre création sera rejetée.

Good example for this contest | a poster that shows the entrance door of a house with many tree pollens stick to it. On the print there is also an image of the family relaxing in a couch, hugging on a blanket. They are not sneezing or blowing their nose anymore … because allergens are not welcome in the house anymore.

A bad example | A print ad that shows a girl enjoying a good night of sleep in clean sheets without allergens.



Prix du Jury

  • #1 Prix 1 500 €
  • #2 Prix 600 €
  • #3 Prix 400 €


Print ad: Photo or illustration with text explanation (2 pages in total, PDF only).

Critères de Sélection

We are expecting compelling and easy to understand print ads. Prizes will go to the print ads that speak immediately to allergy sufferers and convince them.


Contraintes pour ce concours

  • Downy/Lenor is easy to use. If you’re not too sure about it, you can read this.
  • Some people might think liquid fabric conditioners worsen skin allergies. It’s not true with Gentle and Fragrance Free formulas.
  • Please remember seasonal allergies are not caused by the same things as skin allergies.
  • Download logo and product pictures from toolkit.
  • If you have multiple ideas, upload multiples files, one per idea.
  • Entries are accepted in English
  • Your submission should include a print (visual) and a short paragraph of text.

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