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Show us how Vicks provides the best relief for your cold and cough so you can feel yourself again.

Début 25 juin 2015 Fin dimanche 12 juillet 2015 23h59 UTC Délibération Résultats septembre 2015
25 juin 2015
dimanche 12 juillet 2015 23h59 UTC
septembre 2015


When you don’t feel well, you’re not yourself. Feeling sick is not just physical. Colds and flu make us feel tired, grumpy, pessimistic and sad… And this impacts on our lives and our relationships with others. Feeling sick affects our behavior, our thinking and our social relationships. No one should suffer from feeling that bad!

Fortunately, there is one unbeatable remedy! It’s Vicks Cough and Cold relief. Vicks is a family brand that beats colds and coughs!

Vicks believes that to restore someone’s full wellbeing, you need to treat the whole person – not only the flu symptoms. This is why Vicks offers solutions that are:

  • Powerful medicine: Real medicine that acts through its active ingredients.
  • Real sensory experiences: Vicks works through warmth and vapors, so that you can sense instantly, through smell and touch, that is working .
  • But it also helps to restore the psychological self. By putting the consumer in control – making them feel empowered, confident, and enabled – Vicks actually improves their healing.
  • And treating the social relationships- because care is provided by family members to other family members.

Vicks is a powerful medicine and care that provides you with relief. After taking Vicks, all your symptoms are relieved, since Vicks has an active ingredient to treat each one of them. It works for the person as a whole and helps people feel themselves again – feel gloriously normal.

This is a strong benefit that Vicks wants to communicate in a friendly, impactful and truthful way to the many consumers who suffer from colds. Can you help?

Défi Créatif

In a print ad and a short story, show us how it feels after Vicks relieves the congestion symptoms of your cold.

We’re expecting impactful yet simple print ads that set out the benefits of cold and cough relief by focusing on the solution, not the problem. . Your print ads need to be catchy, appealing to as many people as possible and communicate clearly and simply the benefits of relief.

Keep in mind Vicks’ mission: it is powerful care for the whole person – body, mind, and heart.

Along with your print ad, please write a short text that explains your idea, where it comes from and how it answers the brief.

Don’t be negative by showing only the symptoms of flu or colds. Show us rather the positive effects of Vicks.


Les exemples suivants sont uniquement destinés à illustrer nos attentes. Ne les utilisez pas, auquel cas votre création sera rejetée.

A good idea for this contest: a print ad that shows a dad waking up refreshed after a good night full of sleep. He feels relieved, he smiles at his wife and children, everyone seems happy and they know they will enjoy the Sunday that is ahead of them.

Another good idea would be a print ad that shows someone who can finally breathe deeply because he doesn’t have the symptoms of the cold anymore.

These two ideas have already been explored by the brand; although they are good, we ask you to consider other creative routes.

A bad idea: a print ad that shows someone blowing his nose and looking really sick. It does not show how Vicks helps you feel better. Vicks doesn’t want to focus on the negative side of flu.


Prix du Jury

  • #1 Prix 1 500 €
  • #2 Prix 600 €
  • #3 Prix 400 €


Print ad: photo or illustration with text explanation (2 pages in total, PDF only).

Critères de Sélection

We are expecting simple and impactful print ads. Being close to the brand’s personality will be key to coming out as a winner.


Contraintes pour ce concours

  • Keep in mind and bring to life how Vicks is different from the other products: it’s a powerful medicine that works to relieve cold and cough symptoms. It is here to bring back the joy of living. It’s powerful and fast acting. It’s simple and intuitive. It’s also multi-sensorial and it’s a way to connect with your family, because care is provided between family members.
  • Avoid just being rational and don’t forget the emotional benefits of Vicks.
  • Look at this video to find out more about the brand.
  • Entries are accepted in English, Spanish and Portuguese BUT you have to provide a translation of your idea, into English. It can be done in a separate page or in the “media description”

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