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TV5MONDE - French TV On-The-Go

Inspire Francophiles to take a virtual step into France to enjoy French fashion, entertainment and culture with the TV5MONDE+ Asie-Pacifique app. Excite and inspire people to inject a little French into their lives.

Video up to 45 seconds


TV5MONDE Asia-Pacific Tv5monde

Dear contestants,

Thank you all for participating to this project. We had great entries and it was very enjoyable for us to discover your creativity.

All the best to you all

Gagnants Prix du Jury

Sélection de TV5MONDE Asia-Pacific

niwina #1 Prix
niwina 152 520 Score Créatif
  • Vidéo

#1 prix pour 7 000 €

I'm born and raised in France but I used to live in Asia for a couple of
years. Luckily I could see how the french culture resonate abroad thus I
could use it in my entry. I'm very glad to win this prize (and even more to
have the first one). It's definitely a new milestone in my personal life!

Thank you eYeka and TV5MONDE!

Excellent project full of fun and creation.
We loved the use of different languages at the end of the video to highlight the multi language interface. It made the difference.
Great stuff!!

TV5MONDE Asia-Pacific
ericdraven #2 Prix
ericdraven 2 080 Score Créatif
  • Vidéo
  • Animation

#2 prix pour 5 000 €

Thanks to the eyeka crew once again for creating these amazing opportunities. I loved making this video because of the flexibility the brand gave to the creators when it came to blend french and asian culture. I think it was an amazing challenge and I am very proud of have joined it. Thanks for the prize!

Such a great and original creation.
We enjoyed it very much.

TV5MONDE Asia-Pacific
alessiagatti1 #3 Prix
alessiagatti1 10 Score Créatif
  • Vidéo
  • Ecriture Créative
  • Photographie
  • Script et scénarios

#3 prix pour 3 000 €

The creation is in perfect adequacy with the brief, with a touch of "French romance". Very girly ;)

TV5MONDE Asia-Pacific

Catégorie Prix Additionnel

Nuninuninu Gagnant additionnel
Nuninuninu 18 730 Score Créatif
  • Illustration

Gagnant additionnel

Thank you for your great submission!

TV5MONDE Asia-Pacific

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