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Invent a brand new must-have Kipling bag!

Début 29 juillet 2016 Fin dimanche 07 août 2016 23h59 UTC Délibération Résultats septembre 2016
29 juillet 2016
dimanche 07 août 2016 23h59 UTC
septembre 2016


Imagine a woman in her early 30s; perhaps she isn’t yet a mother, or perhaps she’s a new mom in the early period of motherhood. She loves her family, her kids and her friends, and she juggles a busy work and social balance in her life. Her eyes are open to the quirky things in life and she quietly celebrates the personal style choices she makes every day; it’s the small things in life that make her smile. At the same time, functionality and practicality are important. Our goal is to give her a bag option – for work, personal time, family time, and travel – both for the weekdays and the weekends.

Founded in Europe and now with international presence, Kipling makes handbags, backpacks, accessories, and luggage that combines quality, function and style – for a multi-tasking woman’s practical side as well as her desire for witty style twist to make it special. Its lightweight trademark crinkled nylon and intuitive internal storage organization help lighten your day, functionally and emotionally. Kipling’s playful brand personality comes through in is use of expressive colors and patterns, coming to life in the monkey key-hanger that comes with each bag.

Today, Kipling is looking for new handbag, backpack, accessory, and luggage ideas for a busy woman with a varied lifestyle in Asia. How can your new bag design suit her practical needs and love for witty style?

Défi Créatif

Create a brand new must-have handbag, backpack, accessory or luggage that Kipling can bring to the Asian market for women who desire the perfect combination of practical functionality and style.

Kipling has identified five occasions that they would like you to focus your new product on. Please select one occasion per entry. If you have another great idea, please submit it as a different entry.

  • Work: She’s a busy woman who needs a stylish yet functional work bag to cheer her up for the week. Tip: think about her after work activities and the role her bag plays.
  • Everyday: Lighten the everyday load with practical, functional and easy to access bags and backpacks. Tip: what could an everyday multi-purpose bag look like? Could it transform? What else could it do?
  • School: For her kids who are going to school, what kind of bag would she choose for them? Tip: Put yourself in a mother’s shoes and design a bag that will bring a smile to her child’s face.
  • Leisure: During weeknights, the weekends or holidays, think about more informal or casual items to fit all occasions where she’s enjoying the company of family and friends. Tip: Does she need to bring more than her own items with her?
  • Travel: You’re free to design luggage and anything else that covers all her needs for travel.

In your new product design, think about different types of bags, fabrics, patterns, designs, internal organization, unique features, collaborations, etc. We want to see your creativity shine through.

We want unique ideas that Kipling currently doesn’t do and will help it stand out in the crowd for the Asian consumer! You can take a look at the current range of Kipling products here. And while we’ve used the word “bag” very often through this brief, please remember that it can be a handbag, backpack, accessory and luggage.

Please answer the following three questions in the template provided:

  1. Which occasion have you selected from the above? Tell us how she would use your new bag in the occasion you’ve chosen.
  2. What is your new handbag, backpack, accessory or luggage design? Please show us a visual of your design and a written description so we can understand your idea.
  3. How will this new handbag, backpack, accessory or luggage benefit the Asian woman who’s juggling a lot during the course of her day? Be specific and give us real examples that are more descriptive than “my item is a practical design for a busy woman.” We want details!


Les exemples suivants sont uniquement destinés à illustrer nos attentes. Ne les utilisez pas, auquel cas votre création sera rejetée.

Here are some tips to think about when designing your brand new Kipling handbag, backpack, accessory or luggage:

  • It is important that the bag is practical and functional
  • Women use these items in a wide variety of occasions so try to be versatile in your design
  • She prefers casual, fun and carefree bags that are not complicated.
  • Organization is important so bags with zips and compartments are very popular
  • Bags need to be worry free so she can enjoy what she is doing and concentrate on the moment.


Prix du Jury

  • #1 Prix 1 500 €
  • #2 Prix 600 €
  • #3 Prix 400 €


Poster with a visualization of your idea and answers to the three questions, using the template provided.

Critères de Sélection

Kipling will award the most interesting and unique handbag, backpack, accessory and luggage ideas that are different from their current products, that will bring a real benefit to the Asian woman, especially as she juggles the different aspects of her lifestyle. We want a practical, functional yet stylish new product design idea that’ll lighten up her day.


Contraintes pour ce concours

  • Entries must be in English only.
  • You can download template for your submission and Kipling logo from creative toolkit. Your entry must include a visual of your idea and descriptive text that answers the questions three above.
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