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Résumé du concours

Inventez l'offre idéale qu'un opérateur de téléphonie mobile pourrait offrir à ses clients pour les combler.

Réinventez la signification du mot « local » pour un opérateur de téléphonie mobile, avec un service ou une offre si exceptionnels que les gens voudront changer d'opérateur !

Présentation composée de visuels et de texte (4 pages PDF maxi).

La marque est confidentielle

Thank you to everyone who submitted to our challenge! We appreciated the wide array of submissions - you all really surprised us with the diversity and creativity of your submissions. Our client was very happy with the results. We will be back soon for another challenge! Enjoy your week, thanks again.

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andre_dft #1 Prix
andre_dft 22 000 Score Créatif
  • Graphisme
  • Ecriture Créative
  • Script et scénarios

#1 prix pour 1 500 €

Thank you very much! I enjoy this brief and thinking on how a wireless communication carrier could build a stronger community. I'm looking forwards to see my idea implemented so older adults can enjoy the benefits of being online and participate as active members on their communities.

The focus on a customer segment that wasn't your own! It's true that baby boomers are the "new millennials" and that any wireless carrier needs to plan accordingly for them. Nice job capturing the importance of this!

La marque
archabhi #2 Prix
archabhi 10 650 Score Créatif
  • Graphisme
  • Illustration
  • Ecriture Créative
  • Design d'Emballage & Etiquette
  • Photographie
  • Script et scénarios

#2 prix pour 600 €

I am elated to know about my win..the first win is always special and it will remain forever in my memories. I would like to thank the organisers and eYeka community for this great achievement. It was an interesting contest and I tried to create a service plan for the entire local community which can enhance the unique local characteristics of the place, helping the company to create a new customer base.

We liked your focus on the wireless carrier as a community pillar. We agree that, in order to differentiate our offerings, we need to provide more for the community than just wireless service. We think you did a great job in capturing the many options of new and unique services that our client could provide. Nice job, and great visual elements

La marque
maxwell_60 #3 Prix
maxwell_60 0 Score Créatif
  • Vidéo
  • Illustration
  • Ecriture Créative
  • Script et scénarios

#3 prix pour 400 €

We loved the mobile model - we imagine a future where there are NO stores, just mobile trucks that travel around and provide services as needed. Your submission did a great job at bringing this idea to life. Nice job!

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