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Technique N°4 - Being schizophrenic

How changing your point of view will open a new world of ideas!

At eÿeka we believe that everyone is creative as soon as one opens his mind and lets ideas flow freely. To help creators from everywhere tackle brand issues, we are providing you with Creative Techniques. Browse them, play with them and add them to your daily creative process to generate your best ideas!

The different points of view or using multiple perspectives has been proven in many experiments to raise the quality and number of creative solutions proposed.

This time we will use an example from Vicks Cough & Cold Relief contest: “Show us how it feels after Vicks relieves the congestion symptoms of your cold.

Usually when generating ideas, one has just one’s point of view. However as everyone is unique changing your point of view when facing a problem will force you to think differently and thus generate more ideas. 

Follow the steps listed below to apply this technique effectively:

  1. Start by analyzing the problem as you see it from your own point of view and list the ideas you may have.
  2. Analyze the same problem from the perspectives of at least two other people. For example:
    • How would a risk-taking entrepreneur solve it?
    • How would a lawyer solve it?
    • How would a psychologist solve it?
    • How would a college professor solve it?
    • You got it now ;)

After you take note of your own ideas about the initial problem statement (“Show us how it feels after Vicks relieves the congestion symptoms of your cold.”), try to think how other roles can solve the problem.

As a dad, the family is really important and Sunday is family day. We can imagine a print ad that shows a dad waking up refreshed after a good night full of sleep. He feels relieved, he smiles at his wife and children, everyone seems happy and they know they will enjoy the Sunday that is ahead of them.

Try it this technique with a physicist, or a mom, or a teacher, or a 2 month-old child. 

  1. Synthesize the different perspectives
    • How would each character approach the problem?
    • What are the differences?
    • What are the similarities?


Now you can list the ideas that pop out of your head!


Did you find new ideas to solve the problem? If yes, congrats! If not move on to the next technique!

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