Rapport sur le Crowdsourcing

The state of crowdsourcing in 2016

Based on an updated 2015 dataset, this report provides an analysis of the latest evolutions of how the world’s largest companies are leveraging creative crowdsourcing. The report looks into which sectors, companies and brands are the most active users of crowdsourcing for marketing and innovation, with a specific focus on FMCG. It also analyses the latest trends in the different types of crowdsourcing activities, with some illustrative examples and recent key milestones that marked the last year.

The consumer is becoming a part of the world’s biggest companies and agencies, which is a profoundly positive way to co-create value together.

François Pétavy
CEO, eYeka
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The state of crowdsourcing in 2015

For the first time since the beginning of the crowdsourcing phenomenon, this report - prefaced by Jeremiah Owyang, founder of Crowd Companies™ - takes a step back to look at the evolution of corporate crowdsourcing since the mid-2000s. By analyzing objective and verifiable data sources, spanning crowdsourcing activity from over ten years, we extract some important insights about the state of crowdsourcing, and how it is really used for marketing and innovation across the globe.

This report, written by experienced experts, is a first step towards better understanding the usage of creative crowdsourcing by leading brands.

Jeremiah Owyang
founder of Crowd Companies
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The Market for Open Innovation 2013

eYeka is featured in this totally updated, 2013 edition report about providers and platforms for open innovation. eYeka helps organizations to accelerate their open innovation initiative through the organization of open calls (contests) asking its community to contribute with ideas for marketing and innovation. With 250,000 creators, eYeka's community is significantly bigger than the average size of 20,000 members in other communities, and ranks in the Top 10 of all open innovation accelerators.

Managers will gain an overview of the intermediaries available for open innovation and will get advice how to identify partners for their project.

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Crowdsourcing Gains Legitimacy For Advertisers

The demand for video advertising and content — whether for television, online, or cinema — is outpacing the rate at which marketers can supply it.

Specialized crowdsourcing networks are emerging as a viable model to fill the gap in the video production supply chain.

Marketers must be clear about the role that the video content produced by crowdsourcing networks should have in the communication mix. To do so, they must develop a video production strategy that determines how to:

  1. Complement video output from agencies;
  2. Expand distribution of video content for digital channels;
  3. Differentiate it from consumer-generated content.
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Open Innovation Expands New Product Opportunities

A company's commitment to innovation, and how it approaches it, can dramatically alter the opportunities that exist for successful product innovation. It's time to put your closed-innovation mentality in the rear-view mirror and embrace open innovation.

With open innovation, new ideas or methods are no longer sourced from a defined internal team; instead, these new ideas are requested from three broad participant groups: employees, partners, and customers.

This report outlines Forrester's vision of how product strategists can leverage open innovation within their organizations.

Product strategists who embrace open innovation trade control over the innovation process for a dramatic increase in the opportunities for product innovation. Our implementation guidelines will help product strategists build a culture of open innovation throughout the organization.

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The Forrester Wave™: Co-creation contest vendors, Q3 2011

In Forrester’s 34-criteria evaluation of co-creation contest vendors, we found that eYeka, jovoto, Hyve, and ChallengePost were clear Leaders, due to their full-service approach to the market.

Strong and clear product offerings, high degrees of customization, superior client and community services, and a focused approach on co-creation contests distinguish these vendors from the others.

eYeka sits atop the leaderboard |…| Strong professional services help clients get the most out of their projects, and eYeka places significant emphasis on community management and engagement as well.

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