How to reignite consumer's interest in instant coffee?

Because people buy less instant coffee...

The rise of café culture has redefined the benchmark for a quality cup of coffee and influenced the launch of more premium coffee solutions such as coffee machines (think Nespresso!). This resulted in a drop in sales for instant coffee. NESCAFÉ was searching for a range of innovative concepts for the next generation of instant coffee to keep the category relevant and attractive.

NESCAFÉ had a challenge!

NESCAFÉ challenged the eÿeka community accross the globe to reinvent instant coffee to offer the specialness and quality of a cup of coffee you get in a coffee shop while keeping the convenience of "instant", at home. In 3 weeks, our community developed 138 ideas, orignating from over 40 countries.

eyeka's ideas were clustered and tested

17 ideas clusters from the entries were identified as potential game changers and turned into research-ready concept proposals. NESTLÉ then tested the winning concepts accross 6 markets. Due to the success of this initial project, NESTLÉ now uses eÿeka globally accross its wider portfolio.

Some of the community's ideas

Nescafé Nescafé - Cafe Stick Nescafé - Cafe Stick Flavours Nescafé - Handy Cafe Nescafé - Soundcups Nescafé - Instant Stir-In

NESCAFÉ's team was delighted

Our partnership with eYeka will enable new thinking and a fresh approach taking our existing consumers, and using their ideas and their voice, to shape our brands for the future.

Michael Sergeant

Marketing Manager, Nescafé Australia

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