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I have a broad range of experience as a Web / Graphic Designer over the last 19 years, including ‘below-the-line’ agency work, publishing, and my most recent position as Senior Designer at a luxury e-commerce company.

For the past two and a half years, I have been responsible for the design of the www.couturelab.com site, from concept. Working alongside the Creative Director I built up the brand style guide, content design for the shopping area as well at the magazine-led editorial content sections. Always developing new and better ways to enhance the user experience within the brand (a luxurious and unique experience).

One of the things that we were a forefront in was the design of out ‘catelogue’ pages. Here we tried to give the user the experience of almost touching the product (big image with great zoom functionality). My responsibility as Senior Designer was to keep the site ‘fresh-looking’ by updating the following: home page (with new animated content); the ‘new arrivals’ page; the 4 x magazine contents pages (which showed new featured stories weekly); design of the weekly ‘email’ (and mobile version of the email); banner ADS (flash / jpeg) for viral marketing, landing pages for our ‘google Ads’; and some partnership site/holding pages. I have also experience with other multimedia such as optimising film for web (for flash).

I have solid experience using the basic software – such as Adobe CS3 suit, HTML and CSS, Flash (some actions scripting), Dreamweaver, FreeHand, Illustrator and Quark. I am also proficient in the basic PC programmes of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. I am quite use to working alongside Developers to bring my creations to life.

My portfolio (www.henryredman.com) clearly shows the diverse experience I have had over the years, as well as the big brands with which I have had the privilege of working. Many of the roles were client-facing, and sometimes involved working abroad, as was the case with Roche in Switzerland. Over the years I have put together many pitches and successfully won new work – and, with a strong focus creative excellence, these led to the winning of many awards along the way (APA, PPA, MDA).

As well as being permanently employed, I oversee the design output of my own two companies – Media Ontrack and Red Creative concepts (note: freelance capacity). As the Creative Director of Media Ontrack (established 5 years ago), I have had solid experience in managing the creative, the production, and timely delivery to my clients of magazines, advertising material, and web design and build.

Please view my online print and web portfolio at www.henryredman.com
My CV can also be downloaded from here.

I hope the above satisfies your requirement, and very much look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely
Mr Henry Redman


ps: I am available to start this post with immediate effect should I be a successful applicant.

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