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Hi my name is King Isaac, I'm 23 years old and currently enrolled as a full-time student at NYC College of Technology with a major in Advertising Design, due graduation date Spring 2012. I was born in Nigeria, raised in the US starting at the very age of 5, I enjoy all types of art, ranging from poetry, modeling, music, acting, sculptures, to hand drawing illustrations, paintings and advertising/graphic designs. Art is a passion that I have, for it is a freedom of self-expression. In art, reality and fantasy are combined to create new experiences, a souvenir of experiments, and an experiment of my past, present and very soon to be future. This initiates the eminent flow of art through the strokes of my right hand. My artistic style I would say is an experimental style, a style with no boundaries or limitations. Art has no limitations. However, my works are illustrated by using the methods of hand/sketch drawings, color pastels, Vine Charcoal, and advertising designs. Through the course of history and so on, art will always be around me in more ways than one whether I like it or not.

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