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Hong Kong, Hong Kong

45 ans

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China Designers Association ( CDA ) membership. As a senior creator in creative media industry, who has engaged in comic, illustration and graphic design for years and comes from Hong Kong, a city that bonds eastern culture and western culture. His works brim with an intense euramerican trend. His East-meets-West style have been brought him to the attention of the organisers of several large-scale exnibitions in China. Besides, his works has been featured in many of the annual books of design. 誇媒體創作人。從事多年漫畫、插畫及平面設計工作,中國設計師協會( CDA )會員,作品入選多本設計和插畫年鑒。以及參與多個大型展覽。來自東西方文化融合的香港。因而在創作上洋溢出一種強烈的歐美流行風格及中西合壁的創意。

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