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Dear Whom it May Concern,
My name is Natalie Ker and from as young as I can remember I have been
creative. People are creative every day of their lives. But what separates the every day people from the
people who really care? Certain people will spell their name in condensation on a patio window on a wet
miserable day, and later regret it when the mist clears and they're left with a smudge they have to clean.
However, I am a certain individual that wants to make a difference in peoples lives. I want people to see
certain situations differently. I enjoy seeing a picture, an advert, a film, or a work of art that you have to think
about. I don't like putting two and two together and making four. I would battle for hours to try and make
it six I want satisfaction, I want to be different, I want a career.
I am 24 years old and currently in my third year of University in
Newport, Wales. I am studying for a BA Hons in Graphic Design.
My current grade point average is a 2:1 with an expectancy to graduate with a final grade of the same.
I am an extremely hard worker with the determination to succeed in the world of Graphic Design. I have alot
of experience behind me, gaining an interest in Graphics whilst studying for a National diploma in art and
design somewhat seven years ago. I have also done alot of work for companies in and around Wales,
working along side my brother helping him with his newly developed company Eyetoi in Penarth.

I hope you will consider me for a place in your company, I look forward to hearing form you and thank
you for your time.

Natalie Ker

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