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RatsoMusic is a community where you can connect with other music lovers to collaborate, exchange ideas and share knowledge. A platform for who wants to learns the basics of playing guitar, drum masters’ technique, etc.. is the premise of our website.

Besides, RatsoMusic also provides the latest and most in-depth information about guitar, drum and other music-related products. Our specialists put tens of thousands of products to the test every year in our labs and acre auto testing track.
How we reviews

Product reviews can be a tricky thing. Every reviewer has another design and distinct means of assessing a product, and that’s the reason why no two reviews of the identical product could possibly read exactly the same. In RatsoMusic we’ve assembled a reviews program that tries to emphasise our reviews without abandoning the uniqueness of every one of our reviewers.

Our reviews are first and foremost based on real-life expertise using this product. They’re firmly based round the reviewer’s experience of using the product to get a significant quantity of time; they’re never written from a spec sheet or even a fleeting encounter with this product. No matter the product is — guitars, basses, drums, keys, strings, etc. — we all attempt to operate it into our daily lives and provide the reader an image of this product in the actual world."
BusinessName - GMB RatsoMusic - When words fail, music speaks.
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Address 465 84th ST, 3C, Brooklyn, NY 11209 United States

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