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Edinburgh, Royaume-Uni

30 ans

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I am a 2009 Graduate of Edinburgh College of Arts and Graduated with a First Class BA in Visual Communication, concentrating on Animation. I am a confident and experienced animator who uses 2D, none computer based 3D, experimental animation and film. In my latest film I crafted various fake body parts for optical gore effects and my dissertation concentrated on the decline of optical visual effects against computer generated imagery. Here is a link to my film:

I have a unique artistic style that when added with my experience in art direction, set design and building for film has resulted in me producing large installation images that are used to promote various events (I have attached a few of these images to this email and my current work is viewable in ECA's current graduation exhibition ). I have attached my creative and work CV as well as some stills of my work to this email and look forward to receiving a reply or any further information.

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