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Charlie Nguyen Kim is a French composer.

A child of the booming 80s, Charlie’s first dip in the world of music comes via his music-obsessed father, who buys him his first guitar and drums at the age of 3. Following an academic music training at the National Conservatory of Music in France, he is soon hailed as an 8-year old child prodigy breaking musical boundaries with an alternative rock band - Pictures - and then his own punk rock bastard child, Butterfly.

In these early formative years, he extensively tours with his bands, developing his technique and, above all, diversifying his music culture while working on numerous genre-defying projects: Hanoi (trip hop electro), Too Mops, Sunshine, Shaolin (hip hop) to name but a few.

Predestined for great things and an already accomplished musician, he moves to Paris in 2005 where he follows a training for film music writing. Soon after Charlie is off composing his first scores for TV and commercials, collaborating in 2007 with all the main wide-reaching French TV channels CANAL+ (Globe Cooker), FRANCE 2 (Des Racines et des Ailes), FRANCE 3, MCM, etc.

In 2009, his collaboration with LVMH pushes his score writing career to new heights, seeing him further become the official composer of LOUIS VUITTON corporate campaigns and contribute to various projects for TAG HEUER.

Gaining unprecedented notoriety from his lush production work and precise studio technique, he gets a call from acclaimed movie director LUC BESSON who invites Charlie to closely collaborate in various projects at his EUROPACORP film production company. From this extremely fruitful collaboration comes the soundtracks for big-budget movies COURSIER, BANLIEUE 13 ULTIMATUM and COMMIS D’OFFICE.

Never resting on his laurels, Charlie is now also composing music catalogs for Universal Music Group and Warner while taking on a more personal music project, THE KIM, alongside his brother, for which they have recently been signed to Warner/Chappell.

A true master of classical orchestration, he is widely regarded as one of the very few classically-trained musicians capable of fusing inspired urban music influences (hip hop, trip hop, electro, rock and punk) with grace and precision. Thriving on challenges and fastpaced environments, Charlie is a one-of-a-kind-musician who is praised for his ability to work well under pressure, going that extra mile to make music that shines on the screen and that, above all, speaks to the audience.

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