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Ahmad Shawki (Known as Shawkash) is a creative, visual communicator & Product designer, with almost 15 years of experience ranging from interface, corporate, everyday objects and packing designs. He looks at design as a combine between art, science and communication. Graduated from faculty of applied arts, Helwan Universty, he studied visual communication, and had joined free courses in 8 different departments in same college beside his main department ( painting, industrial design, industrial sculpture, photography, interior design ) Well known for his generation, as an iconic private teacher, could be seen clearly when Dr Magdy Abdul Aziz asked him to be his assistant in teaching visual communication to Shawkash's colleges. As well being a main assistant for Dr.Hazem Taha Hussien beside a lot of private lessons he gave to people in his generation in college in different fields and departments varies from color theory, illustrations, sketching, concepts designs, visual analysis, chemistry, history of art, ergonomics, dynamics, behavioral sciences. Ahmad Sahwkash is said to be the one who made the highest mark for a graduation project in the history of his department according to Dr.Mostafa Kamal. While his project was a theoretical advertising campaign for Juhina, but it contained the first arabic gemotric font known called Slav font. The famous list of Luc devroye (from mcgill universty) has considered Shawkash the designer of first Arabian avant garde gemotric font. Later a wide move gemotric arabian fonts started by linotype and adobe. Which has invited Shawkash to share in it as well. On year 2007 Shawkash shared in Design 21 contest and won the most popular prize, with a certificate from Unesco. After working in some companies to get experience after graduation, where in Egypt the field of visual communication and industrial design were not popular enough, he joined the United nation on 2007, working with Ictedar, from UNDP program, as a multi media consultant. After the end of this program, Shawkash continued working with clients in USA on freelancing basis, focusing on getting jobs in the websites and smart phones, tablets interface designs. While industrial design was considered in contests too. Shawkash is trying to push his society to give more recognition to industrial design, to create a real industry in his country. Currently, he is working with professor Mohamed Fayad in some projects related to robot design.

In 2011 after the Egyptian revolution, shawkash invited product designers to start a product design team, which can symbolizes the technology revolution starting from inspired by the great history of Egypt, which can change the whole world in future. Shawkash own a small Product design studio called “Ideera” which opreates these days in branding and package design.
In 2013 Shawkash joined “ La Commission des relations arabo européenne “ - “The Commission of Arabic European Commissions “ which is a department of European Commission (EU) as an industrial design consultant.
In 2013 Professor M. E. Fayad a software american scientist, was one to accept this invitation, and they started to work in different projects. Shawkash is a member at Fayad research group now, and he is a consultant to him for the Saint Joseph's University, software engineering faculty.
Shawkash brand is also selling product fashion items online, such as tshirts, hoodies, iphone cases, and others, using shawkash illustrations on it.

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