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N'a pas encore participé is a business currently based in Amsterdam, specialising in graphic design, web design, music engineering and internet promotion. Beginning this year we decided to come together and combine all our talents, skills and knowledge to create a business where up and coming artists would be able to get everything they'd need to up their music quality, create a professional image and get themselves into the scene through more recognition and exposure - all in one spot!
We do this through offering numerous services such as professional quality custom designing of cd covers, logos, flyers, banners, customized myspace pages, websites, shirt designs, and more, music mastering and online promotion mostly through the use of MySpace.
However, since we have up and coming artists and producers as part of our crew, we realize how difficult it often is for talented and skilled artists, producers and DJs to come up in the music industry. Everything is expensive and funds are usually limited. This is why we aim to provide professional services for prices that won't burn a hole in your pocket. Afterall, we're all just striving to make it in this game - why not lend eachother a hand?

For a list of our services, examples of our services, and our pricelists, please check out our website at

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